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The Foothills Gymnastics Association

The Foothills Gymnastics Association is the non-profit, 501c3 corporation, that supports the gymnasts at Desert Lights Gymnastics in Chandler, AZ. Founded in 1997, the Foothills Gymnastics Association and Desert lights Gymnastics are well known for their excellence in competition and quality.


We provide families the opportunity to fund raise monies to be applied towards competition costs associated with Desert Lights Gymnastics. The FGA is a 501c3 corporation that allows sponsors to contribute tax deductible donations to support this cause.

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Jimmy Pesqueir

Executive Vice President

Lenn Zazula

Executive Vice President of Finance

Heidi Schafer

Treasurer 1 (Payables)

Sherrie Thompson

Treasurer 2 (Receivables)

Sherrie Thompson

Vice President of Communications

Maria Terberg

Secretary 1 (Recording Secretary)

Janell (Evans) White

Secretary 2 (Gear)

Nicole Bennett

Meet Coordinator 1 (Administration/Contracts)

Tina Kwasnica

Meet Coordinator 2 (Administration/Manpower)

Sandra Zazula


Rita Watson

Member at Large

Robyn Hoffman

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