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  • Our schedule is broken up in four-week sessions. This is to standardize the month so that everybody gets the same amount of lessons each month. 

  • The second child in the family receives a 20% discount. 

  • For TEAM: The monthly fee that you pay to Desert Lights is your membership fee to be part of the Desert Lights team at your gymnast’s appropriate level. If your fees are not paid, then your membership will be dropped.

  • Drop policy: Must give at least 30 days notice.

  • For TEAM: Our program overhead costs are the same, whether or not your gymnast was at practice, so there can be no pro-rating for vacation, illness, or injury. Gymnasts that quit for a month or more and want to return may only return at the owner’s discretion and will be responsible for back fees. Please refer to your team contract.

  • Desert Lights prefers cash or check as payment, but we do need a credit card on file. If tuition or pro shop fees are not paid by the 7th day of each month the credit card will be charged. All credit card transactions include a 3% credit card transaction fee,

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